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Monday, 20 May 2019

May 20, 2019

Redeemed Christian Church of God Extend Branch To India

A new parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was inaugurated today in India by the RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

RCCG and all other good willed Christians all over the globe appreciates God for His mighty move and works in India.

Courtesy: RCCG Public Relations

Sunday, 19 May 2019

May 19, 2019

Minister Michael Arowosaiye Who Committed Suicide Was Never A Pastor In RCCG

The Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) gospel minister by name Michael Arowosaiye who committed suicide few weeks to his wedding: Note that he was never a pastors of the Redeem Church as speculated, but a gospel artist in Redeem Church.

There has been various stories behind the suicide as some said he took his life as a result of frustration that he couldn't pay his rent while according to others, they said it's a case of scandal over suspicious act of dancing bedroom alaye kind of dance with the female memebers in which his fiancee found out and that their wedding is scheduled to hold on the 27th of the very months. Please, if that is true, is it enough for him to commit suicide? Well, it js easy to condemn actions, but have we ideas of what depression is about? We should pray that may we not experience any temptation that will bring frustration else depression which is a devil's tool through desperation against great destinies is inevitable but can be overcome when we trust in God Almighty.

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What we should all know is that, men of God and societal advocates (Activist) that are steadfast, genuine, selfless and passionate need supports especially spiritual support like prayers from every others because their task is very demanding that if not God they just cannot survive it for 30days, for the temption they faces can lead to frustration. Remember that Satan is very crafty and takes advantage of any opportunity to ruin the effort of those that refused to loyal to him, Satan is the mentor of our Nigeria politicians that will frustrate whoever refuses to loyal to them.

Do you think it is easy to be a genuine custodian of the gospel, morality and societal advocate? Note that the Devil will not rest until such a person missed following the right path in life because the Devil has only come to steal, destroy and to kill but whoever bears shall soon be celebrated but it is not always easy. Do you think it was easy for Joseph and Job who success later in life we adores generation after generation? 

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How many of us would today overcome a beautiful married woman especially whose husband is rich like that of the historic case of Joseph and the wife of his master "Portifer"? Common, most of us today wouldn't even wait for her to show us passes before we sweep them of their fears just because of greed and desperation to come out of hardship and poverty. Only God knows how many ogar boys, drivers, gate men and others had be help ogar to take of madam whenever ogar is not around?

What I am trying to say here is that our men of God especially the genuine ones are going through serious temptation from ladies and for the sake of money that most of us are not aware of. Amongst these men of God not all can overcome the temptation and immediately the fell then comes frustration that can bring about depression and it is as a result of such depression most commit suicide when they longer can take it. I know what I'm saying based on what I have seen even as a mere mere voice crying against abnormalities in our society from the wilderness. 

Lastly, we should pray and render any kind of support to our men of God and activist especially those that are genuine because it hurts and heart breaking for them to suffer even worst of the things they are trying to ensure others should have. And ladies please, stop tempting those doing good work, for such is an act of Satan and do not make yourself available tool for Satan to use against others.

Charles Eyimofe (Baruch) Pemu.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

May 18, 2019

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May 18, 2019

Politicians As Agents Of The Devil - An Exhibition Of Before, During And After Elections

Every day we complain, we write and vent out our frustrations with everything that is bad with how politicians take advantage of our people, their ignorance and gullibility without any yielding effect.

Before elections, politicians peddle lies everywhere laced with sweet talking. They promise heaven on earth. They are nowhere to be found until only during elections when they show up with unending fake promises.

During the elections, they employ all means of lies and deceits to sway the masses of their votes to their advantage.

After the elections, the turn to vipers. They loot the treasury with fictitious contracts just as the Ganaja saga, the ecological funds, etc. The pain here is the concerns that the poor masses will continue to be at the receiving end.

That Nigeria is where it is today, the political class should be held responsible and accountable. Only in Nigeria, a politician will pride publicly that he is richer than a State and we will applaud his shameful comment as grand.

This is a wake-up call to every Nigerian. We must begin to ask questions with proportionate answers, else these politicians will continue to manipulate our minds.

I am Austeen Anibe Otene
Rights and Equality Advocate
May 18, 2019

Bello Must Go The Death Of Edward Soje Is Still Fresh In Our Heart - Kogi Workers

A Director in the Kogi State Civil Service, Mr Edward Soje has allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Lokoja, the state capital.

Soje, a Grade Level 16 Officer in the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission, was being owed 11 months’ salary arrears as at the time he took his life.

Family sources said that Soje had before the incident been going through a lot of financial pressure due to non-payment of his salary for 11 months by the Kogi State Government.

He was among thousands of civil servants being owed between two and 21 months’ salary arrears by the state government.

As a way out, he was said to have sold his only car and a three-bedroom bungalow he was building at Otokiti area of Lokoja.

Top civil servant commits suicide in Kogi

October 21, 2017
A Director in the Kogi State Civil Service, Mr Edward Soje has allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Lokoja, the state capital.

The News Agency of Nigeria  gathered on Saturday in Lokoja that the dangling body of Soje was found on a tree behind the mammy market at the Maigumeri barracks, the Nigeria Army Command Record.

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The 54-year-old civil servant decided to take his life barely 10 days after his wife of 17 years gave birth to a set of male triplets in a private hospital in Abuja. The couple had been childless before then.

Soje, a Grade Level 16 Officer in the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission, was being owed 11 months’ salary arrears as at the time he took his life.

He hailed from Ogori town in Ogori -Magongo Local Government area of the state.

He had before killing himself travelled to Abuja and left a suicide note for the wife who also works in one of the federal ministries.

“Psalm 121:3 God will not suffer your foot to be moved: He that keepeth you will not slumber. Amen. You and the three boys, the God Almighty will keep you and prosper you, amen. I love you,”  according to the suicide note.

Confirming the incident, the state police command Public Relations Officer, ASP William Aya said that the dangling body of Soje was found on a tree behind the barracks at about 5:55 p.m on Oct. 16.

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Aya said that the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Area D Division received information about the incident from the military intelligence office in the barracks.

“Police moved to the scene, removed the corpse to the morgue of the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja. Investigation is still ongoing,” Aya said.

The police spokesman said that nothing was found on the man to help trace his address and family.

However, a search party organised by his relations and friends, found his corpse at the morgue of the hospital on Friday, Oct. 20.

Family sources said that Soje had before the incident been going through a lot of financial pressure due to non-payment of his salary for 11 months by the Kogi State Government.

He was among thousands of civil servants being owed between two and 21 months’ salary arrears by the state government.

As a way out, he was said to have sold his only car and a three-bedroom bungalow he was building at Otokiti area of Lokoja.

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The building which was at lintel level was sold by Soje at a giveaway price of N1.5 million in April to meet urgent family needs, it was gathered.

According to the sources, Soje’s financial woes became compounded when the wife gave birth to a set of triplets through Caesarian operation in a private hospital in Abuja on Oct. 7.

The deceased remained in the hospital to look after wife and children until Oct. 13, a day before the naming ceremony when he decided to come back to Lokoja.

On getting to Lokoja, Soje went straight to his bank to collect the remaining N30,000 in his salary account with one of the commercial banks and thereafter informed the bank in writing about his decision to close the account.

Mr soje died living his children behind because of depression of not getting paid to take care of his family. 

May 18, 2019

Nigerian Government To Shut down Enugu International Airport

So, I have seen and read the reason given by the minister of state for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika on why the Enugu International Airport should be downgraded or completely shut down and they sound plausible enough. But I have very troubling concerns.

The minister claimed that he told the Enugu State governor what to do a long time ago and he failed to do anything and now things have deteriorated badly.

Okay. I remember about two years ago when I visited home and went through that airport. I was so angry at the deplorable state of the airport that I began taking pictures. Afterwards, I wrote an article with those pictures and had it published on Vanguard Newspaper. About an hour after it was published online, it was pulled down. I inquired of the Vanguard editor and he claimed they were ordered by the powers from above to pull the article. I knew where that came from.

Much later in time, people from Ugwuanyi’s government started sending me messages, telling me that it wasn’t the governor’s responsibility - that it was that of the Federal Government, because of Course, Aviation is one of the 65-68 items on the Exclusive List in the fraudulent Nigerian Constitution.

So my question is, why is the minister telling Ugwuanyi what to do and why is Ugwuanyi failing to take responsibility, assuming there was some type of arrangement between States and FG to take care of projects like that?

Nearly every airport in the North has been upgraded to International status with no incident! Not one in the entire Eastern Region (South East/South South) is fit for even local operations, let alone international. International Airlines have been taxed out of the Eastern routes, especially Enugu, leaving only Ethiopian Airlines with the burden of integrity to continue still. Now they're about to be kicked out in the guise of so called "upgrade." Question is: after the upgrade, will international airlines be allowed to use the airport? You already know the answer to that.

Recently, the Nigerian government launched some type of partnership with the Chinese government to build a dry port in Ibadan to enable ease the pressure on Lagos seaports. About 75-80% of these port users are from the Eastern Region. Many of them who haven't been forced to relocate their businesses to Lagos still operate from the East.

In the East - From Imo to Rivers to Akwa Ibom to Delta to Anambra, there are naturally deep waters - deep enough to take any size of ship, especially the Rivers port. But the channels that lead to these deep waters from the ocean are very narrow. Rather than spend money to dredge them and encourage ships to use those ports, the FG has chosen to spend even more money to establish dry ports in places like Kaduna, etc. where Easterners who do business in the East and parts of the South will find it extremely difficult to do business from. This is WAR!

As at 2016, Lagos ports complex claimed about 97% of all containers berthed in Nigeria, whilst Rivers ports had lost nearly 75% of the ships that usually patronized it due to heavy taxation and lack of incentives from the Federal Government. In the same 2016, Lagos Int’l Airport accounted for 69.1% of all international passengers and about 90.5% of all cargos. Imagine what the situation is now. And they say we are “one Nigeria?” Bloody lie! It’s all part of the new Biafran War!

For those who may not know, the Nigerian government and their colonial collaborators have since started another Biafran war - only this time, it’s not with conventional weapons, so many aren’t able to see it.

Brothers and sisters, jump down from your high horses and get ready for war - it a different kind of war. It’s called economic emasculation. We can beat them to it and take back our motherland from the rusting shackles of colonial bondage. These bloodsuckers won’t stop until they get a taste of our resolve. Join the movement. The time is now!

Joseph Okechukwu
May 18, 2019

Fighting Insecurity, illiteracy to accelerate development: Gov Bello

We must continue to fight Insecurity, illiteracy to accelerate development: Gov Bello

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has said Northern Leaders will not relent in their effort to fight insecurity and illiteracy in other To fast track development in the region.

The governor made the statement while answering questions from newsmen after the meeting of Northern States Governors’ Forum in Kaduna State on Friday.

He said no Development can take place where there was insecurity, noting that the alarming spate of kidnapping, armed robbery and banditry in some parts of Nigeria particularly the Northern region required collective efforts of the leaders in the region to overcome for development to take place.

The 19 Northern States Governors met and deliberated on the prevailing and disturbing insecurity in the north, the high rate in the number of out-of-school children, agriculture and industrilisation.

The forum appointed a committee headed by Gov Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa state to study the current structure as well as, mission and vision of the New Nigeria Development Company Limited (NNDC).

The committee would evolve a roadmap on how best to resuscitate and re-invigorate the company towards the realisation of its pre-set goals and objectives.

The forum also resolved that the current management of the company which had been operating in acting capacity should remain until the appointment of substantive Executive management.

Similarly, due process to be followed in respect to the new Northern Nigerian Newspapers Company Limited.

The forum also directed New Capital Properties, a subsidiary under NNDC to continue with the disposal of NNNC properties with a view to settling other outstanding liabilities of the company and transforming it into a new media outfit.

The forum elected the Governor of Plateau State, His Excellency, Barr. Simon Lalong as the New Chairman of the Northern States Governors’ Forum with effect from 29th May 2019.

Onogwu Muhammed
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor
May 18, 2019

Ariyo Aina’s Murder: We will bring perpetrators to book - Kogi Governor

The Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello has sued for calm over the killing of Mr. Ariyo Aina in Ogga, Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State in the early hours of today, saying the perpetrators of the dastardly act will not only be brought to book, “but also that government will stop on its track, this ugly trend”.

The Governor stated this in a message through his Director General of Media and Publicity, Mr Kingsley Fanwo.

He said the lives of Kogites are very important to him, hence the heavy investment he made to ensure adequate security for all inhabitants of Kogi State, insisting that those who disturb the peace of the State will be brought to justice.

“Human life is sacrosanct. The life of every Kogite is important to us as an administration. We take staunch exceptions to criminals who terrorize the lives of our people. Those who killed citizen Ariyo Aina will face justice and my Administration will roll out some policies in the coming days to mitigate possible future occurrence.

“It is our responsibility to provide security to all of our people within our territory which we have done creditably. We take responsibility for any breach of such security architecture and will make efforts to mend the cracks and continue to give confidence to our people.

“As we sympathize with the people of Ogga community and Yagba West as a whole, we wish to assure the people that we will leave no stone unturned in tracking the criminals that put an unfortunate end to the life of our citizens.

“Government has directed the State Security Adviser, Commander Jerry Omodara (Rtd) to coordinate a productive security operation aimed at apprehending the murderers as well as provide an assuring security for the people of the area.

“Government wishes to commend the promptness of the Police in going to the crime scene and the assurances we have that the culprits will be apprehended. The Kogi State Government will continue to cooperate with security agencies to provide adequate security for our people. Deployment of special forces has been done by the State Police Command to ensure those who committed the heinous crime are brought to book.

“We urge members of the public to help security agencies with useful information that could lead to the arrest of the criminals and also appeal to the people not to take laws into their hands. Government is capable of defending the people in the face of blatant and unacceptable violence against them.

“We also call on Officers and Men of Operation Total Freedom to step up patrols of our rural communities for us to further reduce criminality at that level.

“We commiserate, particularly, with the family members of Mr Ariyo and pray God to grant them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss”.
May 18, 2019

Yobe 2019: The emerging of the all-inclusive Government of the people

Our today society is usually quick to identify a bad leader, but how to identify a good one? What would most people say makes a good, exemplary and all-inclusive leader that carries everyone along irrespective of tribe, religion, status or political inclination?

1)- Honesty; A good leader will be able to establish an honest connection with his peers at the grassroot
2)- Ability to delegate
3)- Sense of humor 
4)- Confidence
5)- Commitment
6)- Positive attitude
7)- Creativity
8)- Integrity

The above mentioned qualities are what His Excellency, Mai Mala Buni, Yobe Gov-elect have possessed in recent times and more.

Yobe need a good leader that can fit into Gaidam's consolidated legacy to help and make the essential large scale decisions that will take the state to the next level of development.

We believe that leaders are not born, but made, and are molded through consistency, ecperience continued study and adaptation. We believe Buni is the right person to steer the affairs of Yobe to the promised land of abundant opportunities.

Buni has in recent times proven to be a leader of high ethics and morality, through exhibiting uncommon wisdom and vision and his leadership is exemplary and worthy of emulation.
He has proven to be the most braviest and fearless national secretary who fought politically to uproot a sitting government and remained a thorn in their flesh. A political battle that will remain history in the democracy struggle of Nigeria.

As far as i understand politics, there are many great leaders this country has seen, but here is a young vibrant, vocal and astute person whom i consider extremely impressive and unbeatable.

I am not talking about his decisions, his diplomatic relations or such big words, there are many intellectuals on this political Quora to discuss these things, i think there are many other traits of a good politician. So, here is the gentleman I'm talking about.

His Excellency Mai Mala Buni, the Yobe state Gov-elect, and a man with unquestionable integrity and voluminous records. 

The undoubtable reason that i mentioned him is that, he is a leader worthy of following and with whom a common person can easily relate to.

Grassroot politics is the surest way of making the elected leaders listen to the needs, aspirations and problems of their people and take practical step to meeting these needs.

Buni have always been a grassroot and dogged politician who fought and grew politically through the ranks. He is also an astute manager of people and an all-inclusive leader who always carries everyone along not minding the differences.

Yes, together we can make it to the next level of development.

Haruna Yusuf 4 Mai Mala Buni, Yobe Gov-elect 18/5/2019

Friday, 17 May 2019

May 17, 2019

Life In Lagos Only The Strong Can Withstand It

Life in Lagos is that of hoping and coping. We hear news every passing day. We leap bulwarks and step over boundaries. It is simply the survival of the fittest.

From under a bridge and you see young men struggling for a space, you may think they are struggling for whose goods would be packed there. They want a space where they can lay their heads over the night and catch few hours of sleep. People who succeed in finding a space here are better than those men who are fully sane and yet take beds beside garbage dumps. These people too are also candidates of hope. They hope and cope. And eventually, they conquer. They are not conquered by suicide.

There is hardly much difference between night and day as everyone is busy like the bee. As some are walking towards a direction, some are running so fast to no direction. Both rational and irrational animals find a place in Lagos. This is different from the fat fearless rats that could run across a centre in a conference meeting or the agile mosquitoes that can pierce through the pyjamas and leave an indelible scar on your skin.

In the Mainland, you have the back of Lagos. The very first sun that would descend on your skin, you would likely think the ozone layer has finally depleted. The roadside akara friers singing encomiums to the darting heat, the Danfo drivers and their brother-conductors thundering a noise from their vocal cords, the deafening sound of trains and buses, the congregation of flies and excreta in the nearby gutters, all have a common meeting in some places at Ajegunle, Ojuelegba, Munshin, Oshodi etc. Agboros or Agberos are the caretakers of these places, just like the gang leaders of corruption reside in the Immigration office at FESTAC Town. You will wonder whether the Government is not paying these potbellied men with disjointed nervous tissues.

Ikeja, the State Capital looks like an adopted child that had lost solidarity with his mother. And sometimes I wonder if Ikeja is really the Capital. Most obvious places here are the airports, the Computer Village and some of the administrative offices in Nigeria that are headquartered here.

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But life on the Lagos Island is that of luxury and packaging. By the swift zoom of a prized car even in their camaraderies and the glamorous appearance of mega structures, you may actually know that the riches of Africa dwell in Nigeria and possessed by a few. While the young man who is pregnant of dreams is acting as an MD/CEO and taking risks of hugging unpredicted bullets, the real owner is monitoring him and all his moves via a microchip camera. You see, there’s difference between possession and ownership.

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Some executive drivers who possess some of these sophisticated cars have easier access to some hallowed, but hollowed babes than their boss. Aside their randy tongue, they know the geography of Lagos so well that the hottest babe is within their rich. Most of the so-called classy babes who parade themselves as first ladies with fornicated vaginas have never seen the boss, they only know the driver. The boss eventually ends up with the fragment of chips and leftovers thrown behind by their driver. And if care is not taken, their wives become prey to the vulnerable driver and the cycle continues.

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My grandmother once made a sweeping statement, “There is no gentleman in Lagos neither is there ‘Love thy neigbhour’.” And truly, there is hardly one of such virtues. People are too dishonest. Lying is a common language before a transaction can be made. Fake people everywhere. Plastic lives! I changed my theory of education when I experienced, upon going for an interview, a frustrating traffic congestion simply caused by a man on suit who packed his car in the middle of the road, spent much time buying aki awusa and finally released his pipe into the gutter to empty his bladder.

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As he shook off the last drop, wriggling his waist as though he had dysuria, I nodded at the final death of education in Nigeria. A guy close to me came home one day looking like a drenched vulture that had lost its wings; he had missed his interview after separating his Danfo driver from a policeman in a fierce fight. He looked miserable that one could quickly make a diagnosis of an impending depression over accumulated experiences of frustration, insomnia and disappointments.


Just this morning, my friend had an accident. Her toe was chopped off. She was the luckiest in the event of the accident. You see! The common accidents that happen here is always with the Danfo buses. These guys have lost their sense of humanity to sachet of ogogoro or kai-kai. They are less human. They constitute a good number of psychiatric admission in Yaba where my #ToLoveAndNurse has its headquarter. Is it the Aboki okada rider that has his brain inbetween his legs or the tricycle driver, keke? One was crushed by a moving train and his anatomy, alongside the innocent passengers made a horrible sight sometime ago. People said, “He wanted to play smart.”

In the midst of these jaw-breaking experiences and everyday miracles, in the end, diligent hustlers come out from Lagos or go into Banana Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki unscathed to launch on a permanent residence. These are the people who lived beyond depression, believing that to live is to hope and cope.