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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

AAUA Students Write Letter Of Appeal To Chancellor For Reduction In Tuition Fee

The student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akure (AAUA) writes an open letter to the vice Chancellor of the University reminding him of the hike in their tuition fee, telling him how thy have been struggling with the payment for 3semesters.

Dear Tunji Abayomi,

Ever gallant Pro-Chancellor of AAUA, as it stands, seems you still don’t find any cogent reason why reduction in our tuition on fee is necessary, given your grounds centered on sustaining our institution to a sophisticated one like the West. It’s a beautiful aspiration sir but it’s imperative in same vein you reminisce, these promises are yet to be effected as it’s seems reneged inspite of the dust of the struggle that is yet to settle down for 3 semesters now.

Pro-Chancellor, May I remind you sir that nothing has been done so far, to prove the substantial fee we ‘re all paying, out of daily hustle and struggle. Moreso, the rate at which Nigerian Students are dropping out is absolutely alarming comparing to 2/3years back. As if that’s not enough, the subscription rate of Jambites have reduce drastically in our institution, inspite of the dream they have to study in our citadel as they can’t afford this astronomical tuition fee.

A lot of dreams has been killed while some destined changed during the cause of them dropping out, as they can’t afford this fee. Education mustn’t be unequivocally commercialized; Education is the greatest tool we can ever use in changing the universe.

Of a truth, the reason why I put this up is the fact that your fellow Pro-Chancellor, Barr. Banji Alabi of Rufus Giwa Polythenic, just recommended a downward review of their tuition fee which will take effect from next session. Without equivocation, I strongly know you have much influence to review or probably recommend a reduction if beyond as that will be appreciated for humanities to survive the struggle for future.

Education must survive
Education must be free

Com. Akinyele Oluwatosin
Welfare Director, AAUASU.

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